Applications :
  • Pharmaceutical processing areas
  • Cafeterias
  • Laboratories and clean rooms
  • Restrooms and locker rooms
  • Product display areas
  • Hospitals and institutions
Benefits :
  • High wear
  • Chemical resistance
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Seamless, slip-resistant finish
  • Smooth to moderate texture
  • Array of color blends

Interested in learning more about decorative broadcast for your commercial floors?

What is Decorative Broadcast?

Decorative broadcast is a monolithic epoxy resurfacer designed to restore moderately worn or pitted concrete floors. The system is installed with a serrated applicator which allows the product to flow into low spots on the floor leaving a smooth, gloss finish. This system is the ideal choice between heavy duty resurfacing and a high build coating.

Broadcast floors are great for decorative purposes in light and medium duty traffic areas. The products give an overall shine to the floor and utilizes a slight texture, available from smooth to mild, to minimize slips making your floors safe. Decorative broadcast incorporates colored quartz aggregates or color flakes providing an attractive finish and is available in 15 different colors along with solid or custom blends.

Broadcast Colors

An ongoing maintenance program will keep your floors and exterior surfaces safe and in great condition which will extend their useful life.
Have repairs completed as soon as an issue starts to minimize the investment and keep everyone safe.
Installation is completed by experienced crew members who are trained and employed by QuestMark ensuring quality workmanship and attention to the details.
In-House Training
Have your in-house maintenance staff trained on all the products and processes to keep your commercial or retail floors looking great and in optimal condition.
Inspections & Evaluations
Routine inspections and evaluations will help identify any problem areas in need of repairs or maintenance to keep your floors and exterior surfaces safe and lasting longer.
Streamline your purchasing process by linking your procurement program with our online shop through punchout.

Since 1968 we have been providing solutions from completely installed floor systems to supporting in-house maintenance staffs with our flooring products.

Our commitment to excellence is achieved by providing products and solutions supported by our experienced employee installers, project managers and technical representatives.

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Single Source Warranty

When you purchase a floor system, you are buying into your flooring contractor.  A warranty covering your project will give you the peace of mind your floors will be protected throughout their useful life.


QuestMark offers a Single Source gloss and dust proof warranty covering all material, labor and tooling used to maintain your commercial floors. All of our warranties provide guaranteed gloss readings and dust resistance, on-site training of customer's maintenance personnel, maintenance guidelines and 24/7 customer service with direct call access.  Based on your project and needs, we will customize a warranty to fit your needs covering you for 10, 15 or 20 years.

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