The secret to extending the life of your commercial floor is routine maintenance. There are various types of flooring and it is crucial to understand the specifics of cleaning and maintaining the type(s) you have in your building. Using incorrect cleaning methods may stain, scratch or damage your floor. We provide professional maintenance solutions and services for concrete, urethane, resinous, VCT and terrazzo flooring systems. Keep in mind, proper maintenance is often a part of your commercial floors warranty.

Why a Maintenance Program for Your Commercial Floor?

If you are in charge of a building with high foot- and vehicular traffic, a customized maintenance program for your floors is a perfect solution for you. To keep your floors and exterior surfaces clean, stain-free and safe, our team will look into the specific demands of your facility. Whether your business is a retail store, manufacturing plant or cold storage, we will design and implement a floor maintenance program custom-tailored to your exact application, industry regulations, safety compliance and more. We will also work with you to determine which products are the best for your floor, the proper schedule and techniques along with any additional support based on your needs and floor system.

Urethane Cement and Resinous Floors Cleaning and Maintenance

Resinous floors are a perfect solution for high-traffic areas and environments requiring extensive cleaning and disinfecting. Facilities like food processing plants, medical institutions, laboratories and commercial garages are most likely to install this type of floor. While urethane and resinous floors are well known for their extreme durability, they require proper cleaning and care. Our team will help you develop and implement a maintenance program and schedule that will ensure you can preserve the original look and finish for a long time. Your urethane cement or resinous floors were designed with your specific business needs in mind, and we will ensure your floor cleaning solutions match those specifications. Check out this brochure to help you get started.


Polished Concrete Floors Cleaning and Maintenance

This type of floor is a common choice for many commercial facilities. It is durable, long-lasting and requires minimal maintenance. However, it is essential to clean and maintain your floors regularly. Contaminants such as dirt, rainwater, salt and other harsh chemicals may pose slip hazards and diminish the shine. QuestMark's service team is here to provide you with all tools and knowledge to keep your polished concrete floors in excellent shape for a long time. Check out this brochure for tips and a sample cleaning schedule. 


VCT and Terrazzo Floors Cleaning and Maintenance

As with any other commercial floors, the frequency of cleaning and rejuvenating (stripping and waxing) will depend on the level of traffic and the terms of your warranty. Our team will analyze your traffic type and patterns, industry-specific requirements and other factors and design a custom program to meet your needs. We will work on your schedule, even if it requires overnight service, to minimize any interruptions to your operations.

DIY Floor Maintenance and Cleaning Support

Looking to maintain your floors with DIY products? QuestMark will work with you to determine the best solutions for your floors, the proper schedule and techniques and any additional support based on your needs and floor system.

  • Product Demonstration: If you are still determining which products are suitable for your floors, QuestMark recommends a demonstration. A demonstration will allow you to test the product in a small area and evaluate if it fits your needs. This provides peace of mind that you are investing in a product that is truly the best solution for your floors.
  • DIY Online Shop: QuestMark offers a wide variety of do-it-yourself (DIY) products to help clean and maintain your floors. Our flooring products are specially formulated cleaning solutions designed to properly clean polished concrete, urethane, resinous, VCT and Terrazzo floors while minimizing residue buildup. In addition to these products, the necessary equipment, brushes and pads are also available to help with regular maintenance and keep your floors in prime condition. Our DIY products have SDS sheets, technical data sheets and product directions; some even have educational videos available for you. To view the technical information for products, click here.


Whether you prefer DIY flooring maintenance methods or would like to sign up for a custom floor maintenance program, our team is here to help. Our goal is to help you keep that new floor shine longer and minimize safety risks in your facility. Contact us today to discuss various flooring cleaning and maintenance options!

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