To determine your exact flooring needs, let's start with a comprehensive inspection that will outline the current state of your floor. Is there any damage? Cracks? Stains? Spalling? Is your facility's floor safe and adequate for your level of pedestrian or equipment traffic? All of these questions and more will be answered once the inspection is performed. You will receive a detailed report with photos outlining the condition of all areas, budget and time estimates to help you plan your flooring projects.

Why are Floor Inspections Critical?

Proper evaluation of your commercial floor and exterior surfaces are essential to prolong their service life. A comprehensive evaluation by QuestMark will determine the current condition of your facility's floor and outline any needed repairs, safety concerns or maintenance procedures that need to be updated.

What's in the Report?

You will receive a detailed report with photos outlining the condition of all areas and if there are any required repairs or resurfacing. This floor condition report will also include repair or resurfacing recommendations, budget numbers and timing so you can adequately plan and budget for your needed projects.

What is a Safety Inspection?

In addition to a standard floor inspection, QuestMark can also perform safety inspections. A floor safety inspection will look at your surfaces, define current safety conditions, outline safety hazards such as trip or slip concerns related to pitting, holes or lippage and outline any present or needed safety demarcations. Written documentation of all findings and photos of the areas inspected will be provided.

Proper evaluations of your commercial floors and exterior surfaces aren't just necessary at the start of a project. Ongoing inspections will help you maximize your investment and increase the longevity of your flooring surfaces.

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