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QuestMark flooring inspectors at work

Commercial Flooring Inspections & Evaluations

Proper inspections and evaluations of your commercial floors and exterior surfaces is important to the life of those surfaces. The flooring inspection will take a look at your surfaces, determine the current condition and outline if there are any repairs needed, safety concerns that need to be addressed or if any maintenance procedures need to be changed.

After the inspection and evaluation is completed, you will receive a written report with photos, which will outline the condition of all areas and identify if any require repairs or resurfacing. The written report will also include repair or resurfacing recommendations, budget numbers and timing so you can properly plan and budget for the needed projects.

In addition to a standard inspection and evaluation, QuestMark can also perform safety inspections. A floor safety inspection will take a look at all of your surfaces, define current safety conditions, outline safety hazards such as trip or slip concerns related to pitting, holes or lippage and outline any current or needed safety demarcations. Written documentation of all findings will be provided along with photos of the areas inspected.

Proper inspections and evaluations of your commercial floors and exterior surfaces isn’t just important at the start of a project. Ongoing inspections will help you maximize your investment and increase the longevity of your flooring surfaces.

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