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QuestMark's commercial floor installers at work

Commercial Floor Installation

Once you have selected your floor solution, it is time to start planning for the installation. Installation of your floors should be completed by experienced crews who are trained on the specific solution and all of the safety protocol associated with the floor system and your facility. All QuestMark crew members are employed by QuestMark and have the proper training and experience to ensure quality workmanship and attention to all the details to include safety. A project plan, to include all safety procedures, will be established prior to the start of your project with ongoing communication and updates throughout the project.

Important factors to consider when planning your commercial floor installation:

    • Evaluation of the condition of the substrate to include past and present traffic
    • Preparation of the substrate for proper installation
    • Environment of the floor area
    • Use of proper products
    • Maintenance follow-up
    • Minimize business interruption with flexible scheduling

Preparing the floor of a commercial building for a new installation is the most critical part of the installation process. All ground in dirt and surface contaminants need to be removed. Any damaged edges, joints or bad concrete need to be repaired. The floors also need to be completely cleaned and the bond profile must be developed prior to the installation.

The timing of your flooring installation matters because you want to eliminate downtime for your facility. The curing time of the system, temperatures and humidity of the surrounding environment all factor into the timing of the project. Once the flooring installation project begins, it is typical for the area to remain unusable until the project is complete. Not to worry though! QuestMark will work with you to schedule your installation project on evenings, weekends or during shutdowns in order to accommodate your business and minimize downtime.

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