Floor rejuvenation is an excellent, cost-efficient way to make your floors look new and as safe as possible. It is a multi-step process where layers of build-up are removed and the original floors are treated or polished, bringing them to the desired gloss level. This also includes the VCT or terrazzo strip and wax process, where the dirt and debris are removed with industrial scrubbers and a wax coating is applied after a thorough cleaning. Rejuvenating your concrete, VCT or terrazzo floor creates a like-new, smooth surface with high reflectivity and resistance to various contaminants.

Benefits of Floor Rejuvenation

  • Aesthetics: Immediate improvement in the appearance of your facility's floor.
  • Easier cleaning: Resistance to sanitizing chemicals, thermal shock and aggressive cleaning.
  • Safety: By creating a flatter, more leveled surface, you minimize the possibility of accidents from slips and trips.
  • Environmental: High gloss levels of your floors combined with daylighting may help you save on power bills by maximizing the ambient light and helping illuminate your facility.

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