One of the most effective ways to quickly restore your worn or damaged floor is through resurfacing. For your interior floor, this method creates a seamless, easy-to-maintain, smooth surface for large or small areas. Resurfacing solutions can be custom-tailored to your application and needs. For example, adding a urethane sealer, epoxy or a top coat can increase the chemical resistance, providing long-term benefits in buildings with frequent sanitation procedures. Sealing your exterior surfaces with waterproof coatings will help prevent damage from weather and freeze-thaw cycles. Our teams will analyze your facility's functions and provide you with the optimal solutions for your flooring or exterior surface needs.

Benefits of Commercial Floor Resurfacing

  • Budget savings: Applying a resurfacer to repair your floors will prolong their life and postpone the need for new floor installation.
  • Safety: Resurfacing your floor will allow you to minimize safety risks like slips and falls.
  • Aesthetics: If the look of your floors is vital for your business, resurfacing is a quick and cost-efficient way to improve the look of your floor.
  • Chemical and thermal resistance: If your daily operations include frequent cleaning or exposure to chemicals, resurfacing will protect your floors from stains and abrasions. 


What are Floor Resurfacers and Where Can I Buy Them?

Commercial floor resurfaces are specialized, durable chemical sealers designed for various applications. They smooth over and protect your existing floors, effectively extending the life of those assets. To learn more, visit our Resurfacers page. Visit our online shop to purchase resurfacers like Low-Temperature Epoxy Patch or Premium Formulation Resurfacer.

If you are ready to upgrade your floor and aren’t looking for a new floor installation, resurfacing is a great option for your facility. Contact our service department today for a consultation or on-site product demonstration. 

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