Emergencies happen. Suppose your facility experienced a significant spill, flooding, pandemic or needs a post-renovation clean-up. In that case, our highly trained teams will safely remove contaminants from your interior surfaces, including bathrooms, racking and sealed products.

How Can we Sanitize Your Facility?

We will start with auto scrubbers and approved cleaners to remove all organic matter from surfaces. After cleaning everything, we apply a patented heavy-duty disinfectant and deodorizer to remove and neutralize the contaminants. This product, Clorine Dioxide (ClO2), is a hospital-type product with over 30 pathogen claims including:

  • Virucide: Effective against Coronavirus, Influenza A - virus, Poliovirus, Vaccinia virus, Norovirus and more
  • Bactericide: Kills Staphylococcus (including MRSA), Salmonella, Listeria and more
  • Fungicide
  • Algaecide
  • Tough odors remover


How ClO2 Works and Why is it Safe

  • Cell Disruptor: Works by destroying the cell wall and kills molecules or bacteria
  • Kills from the outside in: Killing harmful bacteria more quickly and efficiently, reducing the chance for resistance
  • Breaks down into saltwater: Turning into a product safe for contact with employees and customers
  • No harmful residuals: Safe for people, pets and materials
  • Suitable for LEED properties
  • Cost-effective
  • Ecologically advanced: No wiping, rinsing or residue


What is QM CSD+?

Take your facility cleaning a step further by burnishing (polishing) your floors and bringing back the shine. This option will provide cleaning, sanitizing and rejuvenating. From an emergency to a new floor shine in just one call to the QuestMark team!

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