Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) flooring systems are designed to protect your facility from issues related to static electricity by helping to dissipate the discharges. These floors are required in any facility working with sensitive electronic parts or unstable, flammable substances and are typically installed in ESD Protected Areas (EPAs).

ESD Applications Include:

  • Electronic Manufacturing and Assembly
  • Data Centers
  • Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Facilities
  • Network Video Recording (NVR) Rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical Facilities
  • Processing Areas
  • Plastic Manufacturing Plants
  • Packaging Lines


Why an ESD Floor?

When two surfaces come into contact and then separate, electrical charging begins. Solids, liquids, dust, powder and even gas or vapor may initiate that process. Foot or vehicular traffic in your facility is no different. When pedestrians move across a non-ESD floor, they accumulate a surplus of electrons or a negative charge while the floor is positively charged. This imbalance releases static electricity when a person touches a non-negative surface. That single discharge spark may seriously damage sensitive electronics. In environments with flammable substances or volatile chemicals, it can also create a fire hazard or an explosion. Resinous ESD floors help you prevent these issues while providing additional benefits like chemical and thermal shock resistance or improved traction

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