Strip and Wax for VCT and Terrazzo Floors

Strip and Wax for VCT and Terrazzo Floors

Vinyl composite tile (VCT) and terrazzo flooring are quite popular choices for commercial facilities due to their look, durability and relatively low cost of ownership. When it comes to high-traffic buildings like retail stores, hospitals or airports - VCT and terrazzo floors provide aesthetics, safety and long-lasting performance. However, because of their porous nature, these types of flooring require regular maintenance to protect their surface, retain their luster and maintain their warranty. Is it time to rejuvenate your floors? Schedule strip and wax service with QuestMark!

Benefits of Strip and Wax Services with QuestMark

  • We will work on YOUR schedule: Yes, we can rejuvenate your floors overnight to eliminate or minimize disruptions to your everyday operations.
  • Aesthetics: When it comes to high-traffic areas, floor surfaces can lose their original shine fairly quickly. Bringing the "new floor" look back will help enhance your entire interior and maximize the use of your ambient light. 
  • Keeping your floors cleaner: During the Strip and Wax process, we will remove any dirt, debris and old coatings with industrial-strength scrubbers and solutions. This deep cleaning will eliminate years of traffic impact and cleaning residue. Once completed, we will apply multiple wax coats to seal the surface and achieve the desired finish. If needed, we will do a final burnish 24-72 hours after applying the last wax coat. As a result, your floors will be easier to clean and maintain as the porous surface of VCT and terrazzo is now protected and waterproofed. 
  • Safety: Keeping your VCT and terrazzo floor surface sealed with wax will help prevent pollutants and contaminants from residing in its pores. In addition, it may help with surface traction for foot traffic.
  • Environmental and sustainability impact: Keeping your floors in top shape with strip and wax will help you extend the life of your existing floors and postpone the replacement. Additionally, higher reflectivity of your floors will help you decrease your energy consumption by helping you illuminate your facility better. 
  • We will help you determine your maintenance schedule: The frequency of stripping and waxing your floors depends on your traffic level, type of traffic and the terms of your warranty. Our experienced commercial flooring professionals will help you design and implement your customized rejuvenation schedule as well as regular cleaning and maintenance for your VCT or terrazzo floors.


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