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Commercial Floor Repairs

Concrete patching, repairing and resurfacing will help keep your commercial floors safe and lasting their longest. In addition to standard patching, you may have uneven joints or large joints that need to be filled. QuestMark can help you with all of your flooring  repairs, do-it-yourself (DIY) products and any tools you may need to get the job done. A product demonstration can also be provided, which will allow you to test a product for a period of time to make sure it stands up to your traffic and environment.

Repair Solutions

There are a variety of plastic mortar, epoxy and urethane, patches and resurfacing products that are ideal for repairing holes, rough, spalled or damaged concrete floors. All products are permanent, heavy-duty solutions that provide seamless surfaces. QuestMark’s commercial repair products are durable with superior wear characteristics, can withstand repeated cleanings and are resistant to impact, heavy abrasion and thermal shock.

In addition to our floor patches and resurfacers, we also have flexible joint sealant and crack fillers. All floor joint and crack repair solutions are also for normal slab movement yet are strong enough to protect the vertical edges of concrete from spalling.

If you have a small patch or repair project, our DIY products can easily be applied by in-house personnel. For future resurfacing projects, QuestMark’s professional flooring crews are available to get the project done. Our crews can accommodate your production schedule and commercial or industrial environment with little to no impact on your business.

Getting your concrete repairs completed is important to the safety of your floors. Holes, rough or spalled concrete and uneven or large joints can create trip hazards within your facility. They can also cause unnecessary wear and tear on your equipment. Completing necessary repairs will keep your floors safe for your employees and increase their longevity.

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