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Floor Coatings & Kits

Looking to protect your concrete floors or hide minor imperfections in older floors? QuestMark’s full line of floor coating systems are designed to give you the solution you are looking for. All floor coating products are ideal for environments involving food processing, light industrial or heavy industrial use and will provide a durable, attractive and easy to maintain surface.

  1. Primers

    Enhance the look of your floors and decrease the need for housekeeping with these coatings. Our floor primers are multifunctional and can be applied as a stand alone thin mil system or as a primer for a high build or broadcast floor systems. Primarily for use on smooth floors, our primers will help eliminate concrete porosity and dusting.

  2. Thin Mil & High Build
    Thin Mil & High Build

    Ideal for providing an attractive, easy to maintain floor finish with superior durability and wear resistance. QuestMark’s thin mil and high build coating systems will hide minor surface imperfections, improve light reflectivity and increase your floors durability.

  3. Top Coats for Flooring
    Top Coats for Flooring

    Give your floors an excellent “finished” appearance along with superior durability, wear and chemical resistance. Top coats achieve all of this and more. QuestMark offers a variety of top coat options to give your flooring the look it desires along the protection it deserves. Shop our variety of urethane and epoxy top coats today!

  4. Chemical Resistant Epoxies
    Chemical Resistant Epoxies

    Contain high concentrations of acids and even some chlorinated solvents with QuestMark’s chemical resistant epoxies. Manufactured with Novolac chemistry, there are mid-range to high performance solutions available. All chemical resistant epoxies are the benchmark of our product line and have stood the test of time. Shop our selection of chemical resistant epoxy coatings including primers resurfacers and grout coat today!

  5. Urethanes

    An ideal solution for flooring areas that need a completely sealed surface. Urethane flooring systems provide protection from aggressive chemical contamination, wet processing and many food applications while offering excellent abrasion resistance. Urethane floor systems also offer superior resistance to thermal shock due to their coefficient of thermal expansion being similar to concrete.

  6. Specialty Flooring Kits
    Specialty Flooring Kits

    Full service flooring kits complete with everything you need to get your flooring project completed. Each flooring kit comes with superior quality, industrial grade products, as well as the accessories and instructions needed to complete a project from start to finish.

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