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October: Curb Reconstruction

Have you thought about repairing your curbs?

Over time, curbs can become damaged and deteriorated, especially in commercial locations. Common causes of curb deterioration are vehicular traffic and climate changes. To quickly and easily reconstruct your damaged curbs, we recommend using an epoxy mortar to patch these areas.

QuestMark’s epoxy mortar can be used to effectively reconstruct damaged curbs. All it takes is a few simple steps:

  • 1. Prep the section you plan to repair by brushing away debris - use a wire brush to loosen the debris, then a softer brush to brush away anything left over.
  • 2. Mix the epoxy mortar - mix part A and part B in a bucket, then add the sand and mix all three components together until evenly distributed.
  • 3. Use two trowels to fill in the damaged area with the epoxy mortar - use these trowels to create a flat and smooth transition between the concrete and the patch, then, cut an expansion joint.
  • 4. Lastly, pack up any tools or items used, and cordon off the area while your new patch dries - after the epoxy mortar dries, the area can be accessed as before.

This is a great product that will help keep your curbs strong, looking great and safer for everyone.

Watch this short tutorial to learn how to use QuestMark’s Epoxy Mortar on your curbs

September: Plant Shutdowns

Leverage your holiday downtime to get flooring projects done, keep your facilities safe and production high. QuestMark, a division of CentiMark Corporation, will help with any of your flooring needs. Give us a list of your flooring needs and goals for the shutdown - we’ll prepare a schedule, order materials and mobilize crews to work 24/7 if necessary to complete the projects.

Here are some enhancements, repairs or services you may want to consider for your plant shutdown:

  • 1. Assess safety concerns and provide solutions such as safety stripes and demarcation.
  • 2. Address concrete floor problems including: holes, cracks, joint problems, uneven sections, exposed concrete, delaminated coatings, lippage or failed overlayments.
  • 3. Evaluate the performance of your existing floors with dust/gloss readings. Evaluation stock of cleaning products and equipment and necessary repairs.
  • 4. Improve aesthetic issues like stains, dusting and dullness.
  • 5. Save money on equipment by filling in the joints so that hard wheel traffic (forklifts) run smoother and minimize damage. This also reduces product spillage which saves money on broken and/or replacement products.
  • 6. Make floor surface improvements to even floor surfaces and minimize jarring and back injuries when driving equipment in a warehouse or plant. This helps reduce injuries and minimizes employee time off.
  • 7. Visit our online store for all your D.I.Y projects. We offer floor patches, coatings, floor maintenance products, along with the tools and accessories needed to get the job done.

View our do-it-yourself products.

August: Floor Cleaning - Cleaning Stains, Residue and Scuffs

Stains, residue and scuffs are more than just marks on your floor. They can become big safety hazards to your customers and staff if left unattended. Oils and residue can seep into the floor causing them to become saturated and potentially slippery. Grease films and adhesive tape residues can lead to accidents and falls.

Keep your floors safe and free of hazardous oils, films and residue with QuestMark’s Cleaner and Degreaser HD. Our product is a low hazard, low toxicity and water-soluble cleaner that works by emulsifying the oils in your floor.

This product is great for removing surface oils and residue from older stains, as well as removing the oil and marks from new stains. If your floors are susceptible to stains and marks due to the nature of your business, we recommend adding QuestMark’s Cleaner and Degreaser HD to your regular floor maintenance routine.

Right now, get 10% off your order from our online shop until 10/31/19 with code: CLEAN10

July: Floor Maintenance

Maintaining polished and coated concrete floors improves their durability, enhances non-slip characteristics, assures an optimal level of performance and keeps them looking great. Any dirt and debris on polished or concrete floors acts as an abrasive. It will scratch the finish causing floors to look dull and lose durability over time. When you add traffic to these dirty floors, deterioration happens even quicker.

Below is a floor maintenance white paper that goes through some general tips to use when cleaning your floors along with before, during and after cleaning procedures to get the maximum results. Also, below here is a link to the online catalog where you can find more information on maintenance products and equipment.

June: Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliant Sidewalks

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a civil rights law created to enforce a set of guidelines to ensure access to the built environment for people with disabilities. In Section 303: Changes in Level, it states that concrete slabs that are offset by more than ¼” in elevation are non-ADA compliant. To fix this and be ADA compliant, a permanent slope not steeper than 1:12 (1 inch of rise for every 12 inches of horizontal length) is required. The recommendation is a permanent fix of 1:16 to 1:20.

An epoxy mortar ramp to bridge the two offset slabs is a permanent solution that can be completed by your in-house maintenance team or your local QuestMark crew.

The steps for completing this project are as follows:

1. Saw cut the lower slab where the ramp will terminate and key in the edge.
2. Clean and vacuum any debris.
3. Prep the epoxy mortar by mixing part A and B together. Once fully mixed add the sand and mix well until there is even distribution of all parts.
4. Lay the mortar and trowel feeding into the terminations for a smooth and gradual transition.
5. Clean the edges and rope off until fully cured.

To identify shortcomings in ADA compliance regarding sidewalks and other accessible areas, QuestMark can help by completing a written analysis of your current conditions along with recommendations for corrective actions if needed.

To learn more about the epoxy mortar solution, watch our video or read more on the product.

May: Joint Filler

Create a seamless surface by filling any cracks, expansion joints or control joints throughout your floors. Having a seamless surface will help eliminate any dusting from your concrete floor, keep your floors cleaner and safer by minimizing trip hazards.

QuestMark’s Concrete Joint Filler is a do-it-yourself product that will help you repair and fill any cracks, joints or concrete defects on horizontal surfaces. It is easy to use, durable, flexible and quick curing. The joint filler is tack free in just three minutes and able to withstand foot and vehicle traffic in one hour.

Directions for use are simple:

1. Clean cracks or joints removing all dirt, oil, dust or other debris.
2. Ensure cracks or joints are clean and dry prior to application.
3. Load joint filler into cartridge gun or if using bulk product, mix using a 1 to 1 ratio pump.
4. Apply joint filler.
5. Scrape or peel any excess cured material from repair area.

Here is a short video showing the application of the product. To purchase Joint Filler or to learn more, click here.

April: Safety...A Top Priority

Workplace safety is a top priority for most organizations. We can’t take it for granted that our workplace environment is as safe as it could be for our customers, employees and vendors. Many organizations do safety training with their employees on a regular basis. However, does this include regular safety inspections or audits to ensure your workplace is as safe as it should be? You might be inspecting your equipment, processes and procedures but are you also reviewing your roof, floors and exterior surfaces? Do you know what to look for if you are inspecting these areas?

As a resource, CentiMark can help you by performing inspections and providing condition reports for your roof, floors and exterior surfaces. We will review your areas and note any needed repairs, safety hazards along with recommendations on solutions or safety accessories that will allow you to meet all OSHA standards.

Workplace injuries from slips, trips and falls (STF) can be very costly. One of the most frequently reported workplace injuries are a result from a STF. STF’s account for approximately 25% of reported claims per year and 15% of accidental deaths, second only to motor vehicle accidents. (United States Department of Labor) In most cases these incidents could have been prevented.

Check out these additional tools to see how CentiMark takes safety seriously.

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