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September: Customizing Your Floors

From decorative broadcast and metallic epoxy to branding your floors with your logo and signage, there are many ways to customize your commercial floors to give a great first impression. Read more about the different customization options and see which one is right for you and your business.

Decorative Broadcast

Decorative broadcast is a flooring solution that incorporates colored quartz aggregates or color flakes providing an attractive finish that is available in 15 different colors along with solid or custom blends. They are great for decorative purposes in light and medium-duty traffic areas. The products give an overall shine to the floor and utilize a slight texture to minimize slips making your floors safe. This option is excellent for a variety of applications including common areas, cafeterias, pharmaceutical areas, restrooms and hospitals.


Metallic Epoxy

Metallic epoxy is a unique floor coating that provides the look of marble flooring without the cost. The application process is quick and easy, requiring two coats of base color epoxy and then applying a third coat of contrasting color. The end result is a beautiful and glossy finish to your floors with a unique appearance.

Watch the process and see the finished product of metallic epoxy >>


Polished Concrete

Polished concrete can be customized with decorative elements as well. Decorative elements can be added by coloring or staining the concrete, saw cutting patterns or through overlayments specifically designed for polishing. All decorative elements have the same durability and benefits as your traditional polished concrete or terrazzo floors, they just allow for your personal touch.


Logos, Colors and Signage

Whether it’s your branded colors, signage or your company logo, we can make your floors unique to your business by adding your company branding. This allows for customized, designer-looking floors with various decorative finishes. These options can help brand your facility, help with directional signage or can function as identification for certain areas.

Want to get that “wow” factor out of your floors? We’ve got you covered. There are so many ways to customize your floors for your individual company’s needs. Talk to a QuestMark representative to determine the best solution for your floors today.

Explore all of our flooring solutions and customization options >>


July: Traffic Solutions

Your traffic areas experience heavy wear and tear on a regular basis. These include parking decks, parking lots and sidewalks that are all crucial assets to your property, and it’s important that you maintain them. Take a look at just a few of the benefits of traffic solutions for your commercial property.

Protection Against Summer Heat

Different traffic solutions can help protect your concrete and asphalt against water damage, UV rays and chemicals. Not only does this extra protection help extend the overall life of your traffic areas, but the UV reflection can also help keep your pavement and exterior environments cooler for your customers and employees.



We provide a variety of waterproofing solutions for your traffic areas, including water-repellant traffic coatings. These coatings help prevent water damage and cracking while also protecting the surfaces of your traffic areas. The coatings will penetrate water and work as a salt barrier during the winter months.



Your traffic areas can be exposed to a lot of wear and tear over time. This can cause cracking, sinking and potential trip hazards that can be dangerous to you, your employees and your customers. In order to get your traffic areas rejuvenated and resurfaced, we provide a variety of services including lip grinding, saw cutting, repair and coatings.


Prevent Additional Damage

Making regular preventative maintenance, repairs or simply adding a coating to your parking decks, parking lots, sidewalks and more can make a big difference in the long run. These solutions can help prevent cracking and deterioration from water damage, thermal shock or normal wear and tear, which can lead to more serious issues down the road.

To learn more about different solutions for your traffic areas, visit our QuestMark traffic solutions page.


June: Plant Shutdowns

Want to get your flooring projects completed with minimal interruption to your regular business operations? If your plant has been shut down due to COVID-19 or if you are shutting down for the July holiday, take advantage of this time and get your flooring work scheduled now.

During your plant shutdown, we can help:

-We'll perform a thorough inspection and safety assessment of your floors. An inspection includes taking a look at your surfaces and providing you with a written report inclusive of photos.

- Based on the inspection, we will evaluate and assess our findings to provide you with recommendations on repairs or resurfacing and we will discuss next steps based on your needs and the condition of your floors.

- We’ll clean, sanitize and disinfect your commercial space with QuestMark’s QM CSD, our solution for almost any business to help fight the Coronavirus and other harmful pathogens and bacteria. Our crews will use auto scrubbers with the appropriate pads and approved cleaners to remove all organic matter first. After everything is cleaned, ProKure V, a 3-part chlorine dioxide system, will be used to sanitize and disinfect the surface.

-We will make the necessary repairs to increase the safety of your floors and improve aesthetics based on our inspection and evaluation. We’ll prepare a schedule, order materials and mobilize crews to work 24/7 if necessary.

- After our experienced QuestMark crews address the needs of your floors and any concerns you may have, we will provide you with recommendations for DIY products to help with the ongoing care and maintenance of your floors. Our full line of DIY products can be found on our online shop. (link to shop) We also provide in-house training of your maintenance staff and additional maintenance support for your QuestMark floors.

- Addressing the needs of your floors sooner rather than later helps to keep smaller issues at bay and can be a cost savings to you in the long run. Plus, getting your floor projects completed during your plant shutdown means no interruption to your regular business operations and no need to slow down productivity in your facility. Save time, money and effort when it matters most.

Get the most from your plant shutdown and make sure your floors are ready for normal business operations. Don’t get behind! Contact us today to discuss your needs and get on the schedule now.

Floor services that can be completed during your plant shutdown >>


Throughout the entire month of May, get 10% off sitewide! Our full line of do-it-yourself maintenance products is specially formulated for the ongoing maintenance of your floors. From cleaning products to quick-setting epoxy patches, we have a variety of products for your individual needs.

These products are designed with the customer in mind. Our online shop houses floor patch and repair products, care and maintenance products and coating kits for all of your needs. Whether you're looking to create a safer environment for your customers and employees or want to make a more durable surface for your manufacturing requirements, we have options for you.

Our products serve a variety of industries including retail, industrial, food service and cold-storage. All products can be used by your in-house maintenance staff, providing quick and convenient solutions for your flooring needs.

Take a look at some of our best sellers:

Polyurea Flexible Control Concrete Joint Filler

Polyurea Flexible Control Concrete Joint Filler - 5831

Quick Setting Epoxy Floor Patch - 2125

Quick Setting Epoxy Floor Patch - 2125 

QuestMark Cleaner & Degreaser HD

QuestMark Cleaner & Degreaser HD



Not sure which product is right for you? Request a demo on any of our products. We will come out and install the product in a small area and follow-up with an evaluation after some normal wear and tear. This helps you properly evaluate the product without investing in inventory.

Start shopping and save today! Just remember to use code SAVE10 at checkout. Offer valid until 5/31/2020, online orders only. Start shopping >>

See one of our best-sellers in action: http://www.centimarkchannel.com/watch/om9AMuERkBHuQCh8G8P8HH


April: QM CSD and keeping your floors safe

Learn more about QM CSD: our system that can effectively clean, sanitize and disinfect your commercial facility against COVID-19. Take a look at all of the benefits for your facility and read more about how QuestMark can take care of your flooring needs during this time.

QM CSD is a cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting system using ProKure V. ProKure V is a disinfectant, virucide, sanitizer, fungicide and algaecide that is approved for resinous, hard surface and polished concrete floors.  We can also use QM CSD on your high-touch areas including racking, coolers, handrails, light switches and door handles. This product meets the criteria provided by EPA to be considered effective on emerging pathogens including COVID-19.

Additionally, if you have a flooring need from installation and service to maintenance of your floors, we are able to help. Our QuestMark crews are dedicated to taking every precaution to keep everyone safe and healthy. We’ll work with you to develop a unique solution for your individual business.

Plus, QuestMark will be donating 5% of revenue to the CDC Foundation for Coronavirus Aid from all jobs sold before May 31, 2020. If you have a flooring need or safety concern, don’t hesitate to reach out. We can help. Together, we will get through this.

Learn more about QuestMark CSD here


March: Drop Test

Do you want your commercial floors to look new again?

Whether you have small joint repairs, crack repairs or major resurfacing to complete, QuestMark’s full line of concrete floor patch and repair products will provide you with the solutions you need. Durability, high performance and ease of use are just some of the benefits of using our floor repair products.

QuestMark’s patch and repair products come in a variety of formulas specifically designed for the individual needs of your industry. Whether you’re looking for a product that can withstand thermal shock, low temperatures, repeated cleaning or heavy traffic, QuestMark has a product for you.

If you’ve been looking for a hassle-free and long-lasting product to patch or repair your floors, look no further. The durability of our epoxy mortars is unmatched.

Watch this short video to see for yourself how QuestMark’s Epoxy Mortar compares to a general cementitious mortar.

Click here to shop for this product and more on QuestMark’s online shop.


February: Key Flooring Questions to Ask

Have you been considering a new flooring solution, but aren’t quite sure where to start?
We’ve gathered some key questions to ask when determining which floor solution is best for your facility.

What is the current condition of my floors?
The current condition of your floors can help indicate the type of solution that will work best for your facility. An inspection can help determine the condition of your floors and identify whether your floors are in need of patch and repair products, coatings, resurfacing or installation of an entirely new floor.

What kind of facility do I have?
The kind of facility you have and what takes place inside are key factors in determining what kind of floor solutions are best for you. The flooring needs for a clothing store can be quite different from the needs of a food manufacturing plant.

What is the temperature of my facility?
Not only can the temperatures of facilities vary, but some facilities can be exposed to more moisture than others. These different temperatures and climates can impact the overall life of your floor and should always be considered when choosing a flooring solution.

How much wear-and-tear do my floors experience?
Do your floors experience a lot of foot traffic? What about exposure to chemicals or other contaminants? What your floor is exposed to on a daily basis can help you determine how durable your floors need to be, which is an important factor when deciding on a flooring solution that will last.

No matter what kind of facility you have or what your floor is exposed to, there is a flooring solution out there that is right for you. Talk with a QuestMark representative to help you make the best decisions for your floors today.

Learn more about QuestMark’s flooring solutions >>


December: Cleaner and Densifier

Looking for one product that will do the job of two? Look no further, we’ve got it!

Keeping your floors clean and looking great is easy with QuestMark’s Cleaner & Densifier. This product is a concentrated cleaner with lithium densifiers to aid in maintaining your floor’s shine. This does the combined job of improving your floor’s aesthetics while also keeping your floors dust-free.

The product is easy to use and comes in pre-portioned packages that can be easily poured into your scrubber's tank. Then all you need to do is add the appropriate amount of water, and begin scrubbing over the areas you want to clean.

Using this product long-term creates a harder surface on your floors, creating a stain-resistant barrier that will help keep your floors looking great.

Watch this short tutorial to learn how to use QuestMark’s Cleaner & Densifier on your floors.

Click here to shop for this product and more on QuestMark’s online shop.


November: Maintenance Pads

Maintaining the look of your polished concrete floors is a great way to maximize your flooring investment long-term. We recommend using QuestMark’s Daily Maintenance Pads to keep your floors clean and shiny year-round.

By using your auto-scrubber with daily maintenance pads on a regular basis, you can keep your floors at a high gloss level and keep the look of wear-and-tear off your floors. QuestMark’s daily maintenance pads are infused with a special blend of resins and diamonds that help to replenish the shine of your floor every time you clean it.

Improve the look of your floors and maximize your flooring investment with these 4 simple steps:
1. Attach QuestMark’s Daily Maintenance Pads to your auto-scrubber.
2. Fill your auto-scrubber with the appropriate amount of water and cleaner.
3. Scrub the areas of your floor that you want to clean and refresh.
4. Scrub your floors regularly to achieve the full benefit from QuestMark’s Daily Maintenance Pads.

Watch this short tutorial to learn how to use QuestMark’s Daily Maintenance Pads on your floors.

Purchase your Daily Maintenance Pads here.


October: Curb Reconstruction

Have you thought about repairing your curbs?

Over time, curbs can become damaged and deteriorated, especially in commercial locations. Common causes of curb deterioration are vehicular traffic and climate changes. To quickly and easily reconstruct your damaged curbs, we recommend using an epoxy mortar to patch these areas.

QuestMark’s epoxy mortar can be used to effectively reconstruct damaged curbs. All it takes is a few simple steps:
1. Prep the section you plan to repair by brushing away debris - use a wire brush to loosen the debris, then a softer brush to brush away anything left over.
2. Mix the epoxy mortar - mix part A and part B in a bucket, then add the sand and mix all three components together until evenly distributed.
3. Use two trowels to fill in the damaged area with the epoxy mortar - use these trowels to create a flat and smooth transition between the concrete and the patch, then, cut an expansion joint.
4. Lastly, pack up any tools or items used, and cordon off the area while your new patch dries - after the epoxy mortar dries, the area can be accessed as before.

This is a great product that will help keep your curbs strong, looking great and safer for everyone.

Watch this short tutorial to learn how to use QuestMark’s Epoxy Mortar on your curbs


September: Plant Shutdowns

Leverage your holiday downtime to get flooring projects done, keep your facilities safe and production high. QuestMark, a division of CentiMark Corporation, will help with any of your flooring needs. Give us a list of your flooring needs and goals for the shutdown - we’ll prepare a schedule, order materials and mobilize crews to work 24/7 if necessary to complete the projects.

Here are some enhancements, repairs or services you may want to consider for your plant shutdown:
1. Assess safety concerns and provide solutions such as safety stripes and demarcation.
2. Address concrete floor problems including: holes, cracks, joint problems, uneven sections, exposed concrete, delaminated coatings, lippage or failed overlayments.
3. Evaluate the performance of your existing floors with dust/gloss readings. Evaluate your stock of cleaning products and equipment and necessary repairs.
4. Improve aesthetic issues like stains, dusting and dullness.
5. Save money on equipment by filling in the joints so that hard wheel traffic (forklifts) run smoother and minimize damage. This also reduces product spillage which saves money on broken and/or replacement products.
6. Make floor surface improvements to uneven floor surfaces and minimize jarring and back injuries when driving equipment in a warehouse or plant. This helps reduce injuries and minimizes employee time off.
7. Visit our online store for all your D.I.Y projects. We offer floor patches, coatings, floor maintenance products, along with the tools and accessories needed to get the job done.

View our do-it-yourself products.


August: Floor Cleaning - Cleaning Stains, Residue and Scuffs

Stains, residue and scuffs are more than just marks on your floor. They can become big safety hazards to your customers and staff if left unattended. Oils and residue can seep into the floor causing them to become saturated and potentially slippery. Grease films and adhesive tape residues can lead to accidents and falls.

Keep your floors safe and free of hazardous oils, films and residue with QuestMark’s Cleaner and Degreaser HD. Our product is a low hazard, low toxicity and water-soluble cleaner that works by emulsifying the oils in your floor.

This product is great for removing surface oils and residue from older stains, as well as removing the oil and marks from new stains. If your floors are susceptible to stains and marks due to the nature of your business, we recommend adding QuestMark’s Cleaner and Degreaser HD to your regular floor maintenance routine.

Watch a short tutorial to learn how our Cleaner and Degreaser HD works here


July: Floor Maintenance

Maintaining polished and coated concrete floors improves their durability, enhances non-slip characteristics, assures an optimal level of performance and keeps them looking great. Any dirt and debris on polished or concrete floors acts as an abrasive. It will scratch the finish causing floors to look dull and lose durability over time. When you add traffic to these dirty floors, deterioration happens even quicker.

Below is a floor maintenance white paper that goes through some general tips to use when cleaning your floors along with before, during and after cleaning procedures to get the maximum results. Also, below is a link to the online catalog where you can find more information on maintenance products and equipment.

View Flooring Maintenance Whitepaper
Visit Catalog


June: Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliant Sidewalks

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a civil rights law created to enforce a set of guidelines to ensure access to the built environment for people with disabilities. In Section 303: Changes in Level, it states that concrete slabs that are offset by more than ¼” in elevation are non-ADA compliant. To fix this and be ADA compliant, a permanent slope not steeper than 1:12 (1 inch of rise for every 12 inches of horizontal length) is required. The recommendation is a permanent fix of 1:16 to 1:20.

An epoxy mortar ramp to bridge the two offset slabs is a permanent solution that can be completed by your in-house maintenance team or your local QuestMark crew.

The steps for completing this project are as follows:
1. Saw cut the lower slab where the ramp will terminate and key in the edge.
2. Clean and vacuum any debris.
3. Prep the epoxy mortar by mixing part A and B together. Once fully mixed add the sand and mix well until there is even distribution of all parts.
4. Lay the mortar and trowel feeding into the terminations for a smooth and gradual transition.
5. Clean the edges and rope off until fully cured.

To identify shortcomings in ADA compliance regarding sidewalks and other accessible areas, QuestMark can help by completing a written analysis of your current conditions along with recommendations for corrective actions if needed.

To learn more about the epoxy mortar solution, watch our video or read more on the product.

ADA Compliant Sidewalks Video

Read more about Epoxy Mortar


May: Joint Filler

Create a seamless surface by filling any cracks, expansion joints or control joints throughout your floors. Having a seamless surface will help eliminate any dusting from your concrete floor, keep your floors cleaner and safer by minimizing trip hazards.

QuestMark’s Concrete Joint Filler is a do-it-yourself product that will help you repair and fill any cracks, joints or concrete defects on horizontal surfaces. It is easy to use, durable, flexible and quick curing. The joint filler is tack free in just three minutes and able to withstand foot and vehicle traffic in one hour.

Directions for use are simple:
1. Clean cracks or joints removing all dirt, oil, dust or other debris.
2. Ensure cracks or joints are clean and dry prior to application.
3. Load joint filler into cartridge gun or if using bulk product, mix using a 1 to 1 ratio pump.
4. Apply joint filler.
5. Scrape or peel any excess cured material from repair area.

To purchase Joint Filler or to learn more, click here.


April: Safety...A Top Priority

Workplace safety is a top priority for most organizations. We can’t take it for granted that our workplace environment is as safe as it could be for our customers, employees and vendors. Many organizations do safety training with their employees on a regular basis. However, does this include regular safety inspections or audits to ensure your workplace is as safe as it should be? You might be inspecting your equipment, processes and procedures but are you also reviewing your roof, floors and exterior surfaces? Do you know what to look for if you are inspecting these areas? As a resource, CentiMark can help you by performing inspections and providing condition reports for your roof, floors and exterior surfaces. We will review your areas and note any needed repairs or safety hazards, along with recommendations on solutions or safety accessories that will allow you to meet all OSHA standards. Workplace injuries from slips, trips and falls (STF) can be very costly. One of the most frequently reported workplace injuries are a result from a STF. STF’s account for approximately 25% of reported claims per year and 15% of accidental deaths, second only to motor vehicle accidents. (United States Department of Labor) In most cases these incidents could have been prevented. Check out these additional tools to see how CentiMark takes safety seriously.

Learn more about roof safety

Learn more about floor safety

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