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Commercial Flooring Services in Greenville, SC | QuestMark


QuestMark’s Commercial Flooring Office Serving Greenville, SC:

Are you a Greenville, SC business owner or operator that is looking to upgrade your commercial flooring? If so, QuestMark is the company for you.

QuestMark has been providing flooring services to businesses since 1968 and has completed over 15,000 flooring jobs in the past ten years, making it North America’s most trusted commercial flooring provider. With 18 local offices spread across North America, QuestMark is able to provide services to all areas including Greenville, SC.

The QuestMark office servicing the city of Greenville is located in Charlotte, NC. The office in Charlotte provides flooring services to those in both North and South Carolina including the cities of Charleston and Greenville, SC.

Commercial Flooring Solutions

QuestMark provides a variety of different flooring solutions for all of your needs. Whether you are looking to install a new flooring system or require flooring services such as repair, maintenance or in-house product training, QuestMark can assist! 

If looking to install a new flooring system or redo a current floor that looks old or that is damaged, QuestMark offers a variety of solutions including: polished concrete, urethane floors, coatings, resurfacers and decorative broadcast. QuestMark also provides peace of mind that your investment is protected because flooring solutions come with QuestMark’s Aesthetic Warranty. This single source gloss and dust proof warranty covers materials, labor and tooling used to maintain your gloss. QuestMark also provides floor safety solutions for helping to protect employees, customers, visitors, tenants and other contractors. 


Traffic Coating Systems

QuestMark also provides traffic coating systems for asphalt and concrete. With QuestMark’s traffic coating solutions, you can help protect your investment against UV, water and chemical damage while preventing cracking and deterioration. Traffic coatings also help keep pavement cooler while providing slip and skid resistance. Traffic coatings are great for parking lots and garages, crosswalks, sidewalks, driveways, entryways, schools, playgrounds, bus lanes, cycle lanes and sports courts. With QuestMark’s traffic coating systems you can help protect your property while prolonging the life of your investment. 


Online Flooring Shop

Commercial flooring products are also available to purchase through QuestMark’s online flooring shop. QuestMark offers a variety of flooring products including those for commercial floor patching, resurfacing, joint and crack repair, cleaning, maintenance, priming and finishing (with top coats).

If worried about whether a product is the right choice for your needs, you can request a demonstration and then decide. This will allow you to make a decision regarding which product is right for you without having to invest too much.

If interested, QuestMark also provides training services so that you can have your in-house staff educated about our products and trained on the processes required to keep floors in their best shape.


Want to Start a New Flooring Project?

If looking to start a new flooring project in Greenville, SC, contact QuestMark today! QuestMark will work with you to transform your property’s floors through improving safety, durability and aesthetics. 

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