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QuestMark's Phoenix team of commercial flooring contractors

The branch servicing Phoenix, AZ area:

2400 W Union Hills Dr #170, Phoenix, AZ 85027

QuestMark’s Phoenix, AZ Commercial Flooring Office:

Are you interested in transforming the floors of your property? If so, look no further than QuestMark. As a commercial flooring contractor, QuestMark is available to help with flooring, parking lots, decks,sidewalks and more. This QuestMark flooring location in Phoenix, AZ, has over 40 employees with 10 crews and has been (work-related) injury free for 11 years now. The office is located in Phoenix, AZ, but serves many surrounding areas including Tucson, AZ as well as nearby states including Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada. Popular service areas for this flooring location include: Salt Lake City, UT, Denver, CO, Albuquerque, NM and Las Vegas, NV.

QuestMark’s Phoenix office has dedicated crews who are trained and experienced in the installation and service of polished concrete, sealed concrete, urethanes, coatings (epoxy, electrostatic dissipative {ESD}), resurfacers along with floor repairs and maintenance. Our flooring staff can also assist with urethane cements, moisture mitigation systems, expansion joint fills, cracks as well as safety floor striping. We can also help protect your parking lots, decks and sidewalks with our traffic solution coatings.

In addition to our flooring and traffic solutions, QuestMark has a full line of do-it-yourself (DIY) products available through our online flooring catalog. We offer floor patch, coatings, floor maintenance products, along with the tools and accessories needed to get the job done. Our staff can also provide in-house training and DIY product demos.

Safety is also our priority in Phoenix, AZ. We develop site specific safety plans for every project. These plans are communicated to the customer and followed throughout the project. Our safety goal is to keep you, your employees and our crews safe. With our focus on safety, we have been able to have a record low incident rates of 1.27 and a Days Away / Restricted / Transferred (DART) of 0.96. We have also received the American Society of Concrete Contractors Safety Improvement and Safety Recognition awards in both 2016 and 2017.

Looking to get your project started?

The first step in getting your project started is to conduct a thorough inspection and discuss what your needs are as well as your goals for the project. QuestMark will then provide you with a detailed proposal on what solutions are the best fit for your unique needs. Our goal is to partner with you on a long-term basis so that we can help you maintain your investment throughout its useful life.

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