Flooring Safety

QuestMark construction crew wearing hard hats for safety


QuestMark is committed to safety for our customers and our associates. QuestMark’s incidence rates are consistently lower than the national average. Safety incidence rates measure a company’s performance as determined by the number of injuries that occur for every 100 employees who work 40 hours per week, 50 weeks per year.graphic displaying QuestMark's low incidence rates


Safety and injury prevention are our responsibility. We have the ability to create a Site Specific Safety Plan prior to the start of a commercial flooring project. This plan will be reviewed with you, the customer and the flooring crew working the project. Our goal is for all of our associates to return home safely to their families every evening.

QuestMark’s safety program is driven by our best-in-class training that we conduct for our associates on a monthly and quarterly basis. Our employees also hold daily and/or weekly safety meetings. This provides our customers with the peace of mind and confidence that their commercial flooring project will be completed in a safe manner. Our safety professionals conduct the training in conjunction with in-house and third-party resources. All in-house safety personnel work to attain OSHA 500 Outreach Trainer authorization.

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A Step Above

QuestMark is proud to have been recognized by the American Society of Concrete Contractors with the following awards:

  • Safety Award Certificate of Recognition - For having an Incident Rate below the national average for contractors in 2019
    • Safety Improvement Award - For reducing the rate of lost workday cases from the previous year
      • Fleet Safety Award - For achieving an outstanding fleet safety record for a contractor with over 1,000,000 miles in 2019

Here is an overview of what we provide in floor safety services:

  • Uniform safety procedures
  • Written safe work plans as needed
  • Reduced risk for customers
  • Documentation of QuestMark’s safety training
  • Site-specific safety and hazard assessment plans
  • OSHA compliant Silicia Exposure Control Plans
  • VOC compliant coatings
  • Safety Inspections
    • Pre-Job Inspections
    • Spot-Check Inspections (SCI Program)
    • Daily Inspections
    • Unannounced Inspections

Our Corporate Safety & Risk Team

Brian Raymore

Senior Vice President, Safety & Risk

George Balch

Director of Insurance

Jason Krut, WACH

QuestMark Safety Director

Michael Litzenburger

Corporate Safety Manager

David Dumond, CSS

QuestMark Western Safety Specialist

Zach Reigel

QuestMark Eastern Safety Specialist

Michael Ross

QuestMark Northern Safety Specialist

Regional Safety Inspector Team

In addition to the Corporate Safety & Risk Department, QuestMark employs regional safety inspectors who serve as full-time safety inspectors for each region. Their primary responsibilities are project set-up and follow up, and unannounced inspections to ensure compliance with all QuestMark, customer, Federal and State rules and regulations. Our inspectors improve compliance and protect customer investment, QuestMark people and property.


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