Featured Product: Plastic Mortar Products

Floor Patch and Resurfacers
QuestMark’s Safety Program is driven by the best in class training programs conducted daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly that provide costumers with the highest possible level of confidence and assurance that the flooring work on their facility will proceed in a safe manner. These programs are completed by in-house Safety Professionals who are authorized OSHA 500 Outreach Trainers.

QuestMark Plastic Mortar is the ideal way to repair rough, spalled or damaged floors. Made from unique blends of aggregates and polymer resins, offers superior resistance to heavy traffic, impact, abrasion and chemicals. [Msds & Tech Data] [Order Products]

Used for Patching

Plastic Mortar can be troweled up to 8" thick to fill holes or to repair cracks and broken expansion joints. Most Plastic Mortar formulas cure quickly, making them ideal for overnight patching.

As a Resurfacer

An effective way to smooth over large floor areas, providing a durable, seamless surface that withstands repeated cleaning and resists chemicals and thermal shock.


Available in a wide range of formulas to withstand harsh temperatures, acids, alkalies and other harsh chemicals, fatty greases, salts and solvents. U.S.D.A. accepted for the food industry.

Complete: Everything you need comes pre-measured and ready to mix.
Easy to Use: Plastic Mortar needs no primer and is easy to apply with a trowel.
Versatile: Resurfaces entire floors or patches damaged areas up to 8" deep.
Durable: 1/4" of Plastic Mortar resists impact and abrasion better than 6" of new concrete.
Safe: 100% solids materials are low odor and meet OSHA safety requirements.
Permanent: Won't lift, dust or crumble, even after years of traffic and abuse.